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Cover Story

The Barbados Flag

by Lauriston Streekes

Barbados became an Independent Nation on November 30th 1966 and one of the benefits of      becomming an independent Nation is that you now have the right to your own flag.

The National flag of Barbados was first proudly flown at midnight November 29th/30th 1966. Barbados has been Independent 33 years since (as of November 30th 1999) that night and the flag still means the same as it did on that wonderful night 33 years ago.

The flag of Barbados consists of three verticle stripes, in order of appearence from left to right, ultramarine, gold and ultra marine again. The gold verticle stripe is placed soundly in the middle of the gold stripe is a broken trident which symbolizes the break away from England. The flag was desgined by Grantly Prescord.

After 33 years of Independence the flag still remains the symbol it was designed to mean, I salute Grantly Prescord for his design and I congratulate Barbados on its 33 years of Independence.

Lauriston Streekes is Senior Editor and Publisher
of Bajan View.