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Brian Lara Cricket '99 by Codemasters hit store shelves on Friday 19th March 1999 and is a clear favourite amoung many, including myself.

This site is concerned with the PC-CD ROM version of the game. Their is a Playstaion version of the game though this is for the PAL Playstaion and is not compatible with NTSC Television sets.

The game features 15 international teams icluding of course the top brass such as Austrailia, West Indies and England along with other non-traditional teams such as Zimbabwe, Holland and Scotland. Each team has a full squad of players to chose from so you can custamize your squad from match to match.

The beauty of this game can be described in two ways: 1) features and 2)graphics and gameplay. Lets deal with features first. This game has enough features and gameplay options to keep even the most critical player satisfied. The game features 46 stadiums! from around the world, includuding Kensington Oval here in Barbados. As a Barbadian and a West Indies fan, this is great. The game also includes stadiums in: Trinidad, Jamaica, Antigua, Guyana and St.Vincent. There are 7 gameplaying options from a friendly match to a Test Series to a World Cup Tournament in which you get to choose the host country. Another feature of the game which is very good is the Classic Matches, where you are put into to re-live a past cricket match where you have the chance to change histoey! This game has it all and lets not forget ball by ball and colour commentry by Geoff Boycott and Jonathan Agnew.

The graphics and gameplay options are wonderful also. The graphics are vivid and clear and a lot of time was taken in making this great game. There are 9 shots to choose from and they are all realisticly recreated.

Overall this is a great game with many features that will keep you playing for many months to come. This game is definantly worth a purchase!