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Monroe's Hints & Notes


This page is dedicated to hints about EA Sports Cricket 97 ATE web site. Please feel free to browse around this and my other sites enjoy!



Hints & Notes


The game only comes with two real-life teams. These are England and Austrailai. There are other test playing nations but these have fake names. This can prove to be a little frustraiting. Downloading an editor and or creating a custom teams can aid with this problem.

There are 16 vacant spots for custom teams and creating them along with the use of an editor can help to make the game more enjoyable. The only downfall is that the custom teams have to based on existing teams. Though the option to play with real players does add a level of enjoyment to the game.

There is feature in the game that allows you to play a night match.. This will only work if you have downloaded patch v3.0. This allows you to play a night match. The patch also fixes some minor bugs such as the World Series Points Table. To play a night match, star a game chose teams and select one day game or test match, select match conditions. At the game summery screen type 223. You will hear a sound indicating that your code has been activated. This code will help you to enjoy the game better.

There is only one stadium in the game and this can get quite monotonus, so features like the night match add life to a good game. If you do not own the game you can download the demo and check out the game for yourself. Enjoy!