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Cricket 97 ATE by Ea Sports may be an old game, but it is still a good one. It has its downpoints but overall it is a good game. A brief overview follows:

The gameplay is topnotch, but can get quite easy after a while. There are four view to choose from. The games are all played in one stadium which the commentator keeps on refeering to "be quite similar in construction to that of Lords". The stadium does feel quite small especially when you hit the ball for six.

Batting is quite easy and gets a little challenging when you switch to normal or hard mode (doing this also allows you to play a wider arear of shots-up to 18!). The downfall of batting is that it can get to easy, but still it provides enough fun for you to enjoy the game.

Bowling on the other hand is a little harder, but if you really don't want the computer team to score that could be done! There are a few secrets to bowling and batting, if you have any secrets or hints and tips for any aspect of this game please send me your comments and I will include them on the site. I have left out fielding on purpose because this is an aspect of the game I do not like!