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Monroe's Cricket 97 ATE Page: Tuesday 15th June 1999
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Monroe's Editorial:
*Sorry about the lack of updates*
Regular updates will occur from now on, please sign my guestbook, join the mailing list and participate in the forum and please continue to visit and surf the site and enjoy!
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Monroes Cricket Game Chat Room

For the months of June and July this room will be open on Fridays and Saturdays. Fridays 8p.m-9p.m Eastern Time. and Saturdays 1p.m-2p.m Eastern Time. For the months of Augast onward I will post the times and days on a later date. Please forgive me if the times are not kept or the link to the room does not work, if the link does not work please try the following link:

*Room Closed until June 25th 8:00p.m Eastern*
Monroes Cricket Game Chat Room (alt)


Forum is working! Post and reply to messages!

Added a forum for the discussin of this game and any cricket game there is! Please check out the Monroes Cricket 97 ATE Forum also scroll down this page for more info! Please, post messages in the forum and sign my guestbook. Thank you!





I have created a forum for the discussion of EA Sports Cricket 97 ATE and any other cricket game! Please click on the link below to begin posting messages! Enjoy!

Monroes Cricket 97 ATE Forum

Monroes Cricket 97 ATE links

This site is devoted to EA Sports Cricket 97 ATE game and contains links and downloads to further enhance your gaming experieance. New links have been added to further enhance your experience on this site. Please feel free to sign my guestbook below as comments and suggestions are necessary in order to make improvements and or changes to this web site.

I have added a new section again! This section is sreenshots! Please enjoy the web site!

I have added a NEW! section called Hints & Notes. This section will give a little information on the game and some hints and notes on how to make this game more enjoyable. This and other sites about this game will be updated soon! Enjoy!

Overview /Downloads/ Codes/Feedback/Links/Your say/Brian Lara Cricket 99 (pc)

Hints and Notes NEW!/Screenshots NEW!

Comming soon...


News and Notes:

Ea Sports Cricket 97 ATE despite its age is still a good game. The game can be purchased in the U.S.A via

A good source for information about this game is: a list of links and news and reviews on this game can be found there!

The world cup teams can be downloaded from: , visit the Cricket 97 ATE section. Download and have fun!

More News and Notes comming soon!

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My Homepage NEW!


Please send your comments, questions and anything else to me. If you have a viewpoint of the game or a review send it in so I can post it on the site. Please come back often as I plan to update the site, and shall be adding new sections soon. Please feel free to look around the site and enjoy! Please visit for all the latest info on many cricket games, a must visit if you love cricket games!

I have added new links and hope that you will enjoy them! Please feel free to browse around the site and visit regularly as more links will be added frequently as I hope to expand the site in the aim of providing more information! Enjoy!

Please sign my Guestbook! The guestbook is on the site so you can express your views and comments. Only 3 entries so far! Also more participation in the forum would be appreciated!


Daily updates

I will try to update this section daily, every other day or weekly depending on the time I have. Please visit this site and this section often as it will be updated regularly! Please enjoy!

Tuesday 18th May 1999

Recently I have added a forum for the discussion of this and any cricket game. I hope that you visit the forum and post messages and replys to the various discussions!

And most recently I have added a chat room. Obviously this room can not be open all the time. For the months of May and June I have posted the time the room will (or should be open). Please forgive me if I can not keep these times always. From July onwards I sincerely hope that the room will be open more often. These times and days will be posted at a later date. I hope you utilise this chance to chat!

I have added a link to a page I have created which is called Monroes Homepage . This page contains links to all the pages I have created other than Cricket 97 ATE (it does also contain a link to this page) plus links to my favourite sites on the web, I hope you enjoy!

Saturday 22nd May 1999

I have added a ListBot mailing list to this site. Please enter your e-mail address where indicated by the ListBot logo near the top of this page and sign up!

The World Cup England 99 has started and so far the competition is looking keen. For those of you that own EA Sports Cricket 97 ATE you can download the World Cup squads. Please visit and go to the Cricket 97 ATE section and you will see the downloads! Download and have fun!

Sunday 23rd May 1999

As indicated above this will be my last update until June 9th 1999 . Of course this does not mean, do not visit this page untl then! Come back often, participate in the forum, join the mailing list, please! use the form and join the mailing list!

The chat room will be closed until June 25th 1999. I am sorry about this. If you have any suggestions as to what can make this site better please send . Thank you! Happy Surfing!

Tuesday 8th June 1999

Today I have checked the site again, and an update will be comming very soon. Please e-mail me abd tell me how I can make this site better. I am trying my best and appologies for the lack of information on the game, so until I get more please still visit and please participate in the discussion form and the chat room when it is open. You can make this a better site if you tell me what you want. I had exams and they are almost over. Regular updates should commence soon, I thank you for your understanding!

Wednesday 9th June 1999

I'm back! Frequent updates will occur from now on! I hope that you are enjoying the site and will continue to visit often. Thanks!

As stated above in "comming soon" this site will have a lot of new additions. These will be implimented one by one. I am considering frames. If you do not like frames or you do not have a frames browser, please send me your comments.

The World Cup is well on the way! Who do you think will win? send your answer and I will post it on the site. Thank you agian for visiting my site!

Thursday 10th June 1999

I hope I will be able to open my chat room on June 25th 1999 at 8:00p.m eastern time. Other opening dates will be posted soon. Look below for some tips in finding the chat room:

For this one you might have to search for chat rooms currently open, check for: "in the hause of Lauri2". If this one does not work please e-mail me and tell me what the problem is, I will try my best to fix any problems. I am new at this so please bear with me! Thank you!

* N.B - I can not guarantee that the chat rooms will be open these times for the days indicated *

Sunday 13th June 1999

I have checked my guestbook and only 3 entries! Please use the guestbook to express your views and comments about the site. I have seen a few discussions in the forum, but more would be appreciated.

It would be nice to see someone sign up for my listbot mailing list, as this will allow me to inform you about updates to this page and would allow you to communicate with other visiters to this page. Please sign up for the list today!

Monday 14th June 1999

The world cup semi-final places have been decided. The quest for the cup is comming to a close. Who do yiu think will win send your comments.

Do you have any tips or hints, please send them to me and I will post them on the site. I thank you in advance. Have a good day!




Do you have any information about EA Sports Cricket 97 ATE that you will like to share? If so please send and I will post it on the site. Also if you have any tips on the game please send those in also. Thank you.


Cricket World Cup (England) 99

The Cricket World Cup (England 99) will be commencing from Friday 14th May 1999. You can watch the action locally and catch up on all the latest scores and news on the web at: the home of cricket on the internet. May the best team win!

The World Cup will end on June 20th and we will have to wait and see who the winner will be! I hope you enjoy the World Cup!

The world cup is about to go into the semifinal stage. Four teams remaining. The quest for the cup is winding down. Who do you think will win? send your answer and I will post the results on this page. Enjoy!


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