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Barbados (unofficial)

This page is here to give you a little insight about Barbados and events going on in the island. To be updated monthly.

General info on Barbados

Barbados is the most easterly island in the Caribbean, it is approximately 21 miles long and 14 miles wide withh a population of about 260,000 people. The capital is Bridgetown in the parish of St.Micheal. The other main towns are; Oistins, Holetown and Speightstown. Barbados was named after the bearded fig trees on the island. Sugar is a main crop of Barbados, during the month of July and the first week of augast fetival called cropover is celabrated. Barbados became independant on November 30th 1966, when it broke its tie with Engalnd. Ever sinc Barbados has continued to develope into a striving developing county. Barbados is a country with a lot of history and achivements. If you would like to see a map of Barbados click on my Barbados link. For more information on Barbados click on my Barbados link and the other two links also.

My Snazzy List of Links

Barbados: a site on Barbados
advocatenews: a local newspaper online

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