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JR'S View

by J.R.Jackson


The Cropover Festival

As the first edition of "Bajan View " comes at the end of Barbados’ premier cultural festival, Cropover, it is only fitting to say something about it. Cropover runs for five weeks, from the first Saturday in July to the first Monday in August.

It starts with the "Blessing of the Last Canes" which signifies the end of the sugar cane crop. The sugar industry is one of Barbados’ major industries. It goes back to the colonial days of Barbados, when Barbados was under control of British, and back then it was Barbados’ only industry and was very profitable. Nowadays it is still a major foreign exchange provider but not as big as the tourism industry, which is now Barbados’ biggest foreign exchange provider.

There are several other activities that take place during the Cropover Festival. These include Kiddies’ Kadooment; which is a jump up for the children’s costumed bands and Bajan Market; which is a display of Bajan culture, for example, food, craft and music. These activities also include the Party Monarch Final; which is a contest of the best party songs for the festival and the Pic-of-de-Crop Final; which is a contest of the best calypso songs for the festival. These activities also include Cohoblapot; which is a display of the costumes of the Kings and Queens of the Grand Kadooment bands and the best entertainers in Barbados. The last activity, which closes the Cropover Festival, is Grand Kadooment; which is massive jump up for the adult tee-shirt and costumed bands along an outlined route.

The activities outlined above are only a few of the activities which take place during the Cropover Festival and for more information about Cropover and Barbados try

J.R.Jackson is Senior Editor of Bajan View