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Bajan View

Lauriston R. Streekes, Publisher

J.R. Jackson, Senior editor

N.R. Padmore, Assistant editor

C.Gordon, Tech editor

L.L Streekes, editor

G. Streekes, Copy editor

Bajan View Online

Bajan View is published
monthly by Bajan View Inc.
1999. Bajan View.



From the Publisher

The Start of


The other day I sat down and thought to myself, is there something that I can do, using the internet as my tool to inform people abroad about what is happening in Barbados. I knew that there are many Barbadian sites on the internet, including sites for tourists and sites containing news and many other sites containing general information about the island itself, but I wanted something with information from my friends and I , something from our perspectives, then I looked up at the Television, there it was.

What I saw was a story about e-zines (electronic magazines) which are very comman on the internet today. It was then that the idea hit me, why  not create my own e-zine! Of course I could not or would not do it alone so I called a few of my friends and they agreed to help me, and here we are today!

This is the first volume and first issue of Bajan View and we hope that there will be many more too come. It goes without saying that we need the internet surfing public like yourselves to make this e-zine a success, so sit back relax and enjoy some Bajan news and editorials, have a good day!

Lauriston streekes
Lauriston Streekes