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Sunday 20th June 1999                                       

Check out my site below!


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Welcome to my new hompage on the world wide web. Most likely you got to this site through my Cricket 97 ATE web site. If so, I hope that you enjoyed that site and that you will continue to visit that and this site often!

I hope that you will enjoy this web site and that you find it an improvement over my last homepage! As usual this site will contain links to other sites that I have created and also links to my favourite sites on the internet. So sit back, relax, and get that mouse moving!

Other sites created by me:

The links above are for other sites that I have created, please visit them and enjoy! This page also contains links to some of my favourite sites on the internet, check them out below!


I hope that you are enjoying this page. In the months to come I hope to make some more additions that will greatly improve your visit. Have a good day!


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